Vertical market standards for Videosurveillance applications

28 October 2017

Driven by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), several New Work Items are being developed that cover specific sectors of Videosurveillance applications.

o    Camera performance - Image quality for VSS applications (IEC 62676-5)

 This standard covers selected and reliable criteria that can be tested to assess the performance of cameras used for videosurveillance and provide the users with comparable characteristics among different vendors. Parameters such as: Effective resolution for broad coverage or detailed image analysis; Operating distance; Indoor and outdoor dynamic range for low light environments; Veiling glare caused by bright lights; Minimum illumination; Image distortion; Frame rate to evaluate network load when transmitting images...


o    Video Content Analytics for VSS applications (IEC 62676-6)

Video Content Analytics has been implemented in security applications for many years, and was primarily used for high end solutions. With the development of IP Networks solutions the Video Content Analytics has migrated into smaller solutions but also on analytics done by the camera itself. This means that the market offers various quality levels and the end-users cannot properly assess the overall quality of the system and its options when available. The purpose of this standard is to give the industry and customers a way to measure the effectiveness of  the Video Content Analytics for differing levels of applications via recorded scenarios (video clips), grading criteria and application guidance. 


o     Liaison ISO TC292 "Security and Resilience" with IEC/TC79 "Alarm Systems" 

ISO is proposing a liaison with IEC TC79 with the objective to transfer its future work on Videosurveillance originally directed to ISO TC292. Based on the experience of IEC/TC79 / WG12 specialized in standardization of video applications will be working first on the revision of the existing document ISO22311 " Societal Security-Video-surveillance- Export interoperability" for forensic applications. The minimum requirement in societal security is for the authorities to be able to rapidly use the data collected by different Videosurveillance systems from given locations. The International Standard provides an export interoperability profile which constitutes the exchange format and minimum technical requirements that ensure that the digital videosurveillance contents exported are compatible with the replay systems, establish an appropriate level of quality and contain all the context information (metadata) necessary for their processing. 

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