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23 March 2017

Video Surveillance Systems (VSS) are covered by a number of standards initially generated by the European platform for electrotechnical standardisation CENELEC within the Technical Body TC79.

Those standards have now been transferred to TC79 counterpart at the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC TC79 where they serve as a basis for the development of standards with a global reach.

While a wide range of international standards have already been released this way - see the list below, many are still in process and are receiving the full attention of Euralarm’s Members. An example is the draft standard CDV 62676-5 on Data specifications and image quality performance for camera devices, which final vote is due for May 5th this year.

The main rationale for the development of this standard is a need for reliable camera specifications. Currently, it is difficult to specify the right equipment for the right video applications as camera data-sheets are not standardised, specifications cannot be compared and planers and installers are going for expensive site surveys at end-users sites.

The standard covers the following criteria: Effective resolution, Dynamic Range - Outdoor, Dynamic Range - Indoor, Veiling Glare and InfraRed Operating Distance. It incorporates two sets of Camera Requirements for Image Sensors and Network interface.

It specifies ‘Features and Description’ for over 40 items and describes ‘Standardised Measurements’ for more than eight tests in order to characterise image quality and performance of VSS cameras such as the effective resolution, the minimum illumination, the dynamic range, the number of frames per second, the flare and the image distortion.

This standard will become a world-wide standard in 2017 and can be applicable in Europe in 2018 to help designers, contractors to easily specify the correct video components and also guide end-users in economically selecting the video surveillance equipment that fit their needs.  


IEC standards for video surveillance published

EN IEC 62676-1-1   VSS System Requirements 

EN IEC 62676-1-2   Network Design & Performance Requirements

EN IEC 62676-2-1   IP Video - General Requirements 

EN IEC 62676-2-3   IP Video Interoperability based on Web Services 

EN IEC 62676-4      VSS Application Guidelines

EN IEC 60839-11-32   Core specifications - IP Interoperability based on Web Services applicable to Videosurveillance and Access Control systems.

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