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Euralarm member BSIA releases CyberSecurity Code of Practice with specific guidelines

31 July 2020
Euralarm member BSIA releases CyberSecurity Code of Practice with specific guidelines BSIA

Euralarm member BSIA (British Security Industry Association’s) have released a new code of practice for installers responsible for safety and security systems. The document summarises current guidelines to minimise the exposure to digital sabotage of network connected equipment, software and systems used in electronic security systems. A copy of the Code of Practice can be downloaded from the BSIA website.

Cybersecurity is a top priority for businesses and governments. Many large, but also small enterprises already have structures and people in place to enhance resilience against the risks of cybersecurity. But with a rapidly increasing number of devices connected to a network the cybersecurity risks are getting bigger. Taking measures to enhance resilience against cyberthreats is therefore crucial - for business continuity of fire and security companies and their customers; security of data and assets; and both the industry’s and its clients’ reputation.

BSIA’s document ‘Installation of safety and security systems – Cybersecurity code of practice’ is intended to be used by organisations and stakeholders involved in the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and inspection of such systems and also by end users and those involved in remotely monitoring such systems. For each stakeholder the document consists of separate recommendations. Thereby it will assist in providing confidence throughout the supply chain promoting secure connection of products and services and delivering client assurance regarding connected solutions. The Code of Practice will assist the supply chain in its duty of care to other network users, particularly with respect to protecting the integrity of existing cybersecurity countermeasures already in place, or the implementation of such countermeasures in new solutions.

The recommendations of the Code of Practice apply in addition to other standards and codes of practice relating to systems and equipment to be installed. Any documentation or checklists mentioned in the code of practice may be combined with those required by the other standards or codes of practice, applying to safety and security systems and their components but can be applied to other devices and systems.

This code of practice follows on from earlier guidance from the BSIA ‘Cyber Secure it’, which set out the supply chain responsibilities from manufacture to end user. Further guidance for manufacturers will follow soon.

Last year Euralarm and CoESS published the brochure ‘Cybersecurity - Threat or Opportunity? It’s up to you!’ That brochure covers the complete supply chain for the fire and security market – from manufacturers of products to private security companies and their customers. BSIA’s Code of Practice is the ideal follow-up with specific guidelines that should be applied as far as possible across the supply chain.

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Martin Franke

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  • Malte Lohan

    Malte Lohan

    Director General Orgalime

    "From cybersecurity to standardisation, this collaboration helps us advocate the right policy framework for the future."

  • Dr. Ing. Oliver Linden

    Dr. Ing. Oliver Linden

    WAGNER Group Product Manager

    "WAGNER decided to permanently engage in Euralarm’s activities with special respect to matters of fire safety, contributing to reduce trade barriers and to enhance competitiveness and harmonisation of the European market."

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