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Section Services

Safeguarding new and innovative services

While maintaining focused on established fire and security services, the Services Section aims at safeguarding new and innovative services.

European Standard

Jon Koenz sq 600After its work on Services for fire safety systems and security systems succeeded to be voted as a European Norm, EN 16763, the Section pushed through a new work item for a European standard on Remote Services for fire safety and security. With these the Section targets at getting all service providers answering to the same quality requirements.

These major successes for Euralarm allow us to be at the forefront of the development of standards for services. The Section members circulate up-to-date market developments, to keep informed of new innovations.

One Delegate to a Section is nominated by each company or association Members of the Section for a term of three years. The Chairman and the Vice-Chairman of a Section come from different Euralarm Members and take part in the Board. Section Members decide on their own work programmes, but report to the Board.

Siemens Jon Könz
DEF Philippe Lecuyer
AES Antonio Escamilla Recio
ALIA Danny Hermans
ARTS Liviu Mateescu
BHE Carl Becker
COFRAS Béatrice de Bagneux
FIA Robert Thilthorpe
G4S Telematix Mike Maltezakis
GESI Franck Lorgery
Johnson Controls Martin Harvey
NAFOTS Velislava Vicheva
SaekerhetsBranchen Lars Ericson
SES Fabio Sansosti
SikkerhedsBranchen Kasper Skov-Mikkelsen
SVDI Stéphanie Tucoulet
VEBON-NOVB Erwin Schoemaker
ZVEI / FV Sicherheit Bernd Giegerich
Last modified on Friday, 22 March 2019 15:58

News: Services section

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  • Malte Lohan

    Malte Lohan

    Director General Orgalime

    "From cybersecurity to standardisation, this collaboration helps us advocate the right policy framework for the future."

  • Dr. Ing. Oliver Linden

    Dr. Ing. Oliver Linden

    WAGNER Group Product Manager

    "WAGNER decided to permanently engage in Euralarm’s activities with special respect to matters of fire safety, contributing to reduce trade barriers and to enhance competitiveness and harmonisation of the European market."

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Euralarm represents the fire and security industry, providing leadership and expertise for industry, market, policy makers and standards bodies.