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Fast and Flexible Standardisation

14 May 2019
Fast and Flexible Standardisation © Benny Mazur - Flickr Inc.

Standards for products and services are at the heart of our industry’s success. Euralarm’s members need a fast and flexible standards-setting system because it is the best way to serve the interests of customers, the industry and society. An agile system would help us to respond rapidly to customers’ demands and put European companies on the best footing to serve global markets. It would help us to continue to deliver the highest levels of safety and security to citizens.

Our members will work closely with the key players — European Commission, standards organisations, approval bodies and other organisations — to write the standards that will deliver the highest quality products and services as efficiently as possible.

We therefore urge the EU institutions to work with us to deliver an efficient system that responds to market needs.

Here are some of the areas we would like to see progress over the next five years:

  • interoperability standards for building systems;
  • remote services;
  • standards for the residential market, especially for combined security and home-assisted systems;
  • developing and improving standards for service including
    • quality of services;
    • competence of staff involved in planning, design, engineering, installation, maintenance and repair of fire safety and security systems.

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