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A Europe-wide approach to testing and certification

14 May 2019
A Europe-wide approach to testing and certification Wikipedia

At the moment, our members face a fragmented landscape for testing and certification of their products and services. This adds to costs as companies have to submit multiple applications. It also risks having an inconsistent approach to testing and certification across the EU’s single market.

Pan-European processes for testing, audit and certification would reduce administrative burdens for fire safety and security companies, the vast majority of which are small- and medium-sized enterprises. A European wide process would allow companies to avoid uncertainty and encourage investment if they only had to submit their products and services for testing and certification to a single authority.

We therefore urge the EU institutions, test laboratories and certification bodies to work with the industry to make progress in these and other areas:

  • achieving consistent, objective and repeatable processes for testing across Europe;
  • over the longer term, developing a single testing and certification scheme for electronic security equipment such as our industry’s CertAlarm* scheme;
  • stepping up work between leading laboratories on Multilateral Test Result Recognition Agreements (MTRA);
  • improving exchange of information about training and certification schemes for personnel involved in planning and design, engineering, installation and hand over, maintenance and repair of fire safety and security systems.

* CertAlarm is an independent pan-European certification scheme for the fire safety and security industry

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